Difference between web design and web development

Web design and web development are two topics that can often get mixed up if not understood properly. These two branches are completely different from one another but have their similarities as well. 

This article discusses all the differences between web design and web development and the similarities that make them dependent on one another. 


To put it simply, the presentation and visuals of a website is web design. The screen that you are looking at right now is there because a web designer worked on making the website presentable. Web design comprises the aesthetics of a website. If you want to make a website look a certain way, you need a web designer to plan out the strategies to develop your web design. 

A web designer is someone who works in the field of web design. The main job of a web designer is to make a website user friendly and align the aesthetics of a company to match the requirements of a certain website. It is the goal of a web designer to create such an interactive and easy to navigate website, which makes people roam around the website for as long as possible. 

Web design requires not only technical knowledge of how a website is built but also product knowledge. Making a website for a business has become common in today’s age. With all the variety available, a web designer needs to develop product knowledge to make every project unique and one-of-a-kind. Which is why one of the key requirements of a web designer is creative thinking and implementation. 

Web design requires the use of multiple softwares such as Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and more depending on the complexity of the project. Web design can be further classified based on the types of web designer and the work they do. 


Web design is a complex art. It requires a technical as well as an artistic mind. A web designer can be further classified into the following types depending on what kind of work they perform.

  1. UI designer 
  2. UX designer
  3. Visual designer


UI design or user interface design is the art of designing a website’s visual to best please a user. UI design involves making graphics and animations to include aesthetic elements on a web page, improving typography to best match with the requirements of a website, designing the layout and font size of a web page and so much more. Interface of a website includes navigational elements such as menu bar, drop down buttons and more. Informational components such as message boxes, notifications are also part of a good UI design for a website. 


UX or User Experience design is a type of design that focuses on the experience of a user when visiting a website. A UX designer is required to develop a neat structure for the website which can ensure a positive experience for the user. The role of a UX designer is to understand the product market. Such a designer has to collect data and analyze it to provide the best practices for a particular market. A UX designer takes data from different sources and combines them to create human-centric designs. A UX designer is required to make the website efficient and easy to use for anyone. 


A visual designer, in the simplest terms, is someone who combines the knowledge of graphic design and web design to produce stunning graphics for a website. It is important not to confuse a graphic design and visual designer as they have very different roles. 


Web development is the technical part of web building. The reason why a certain website is running smoothly is because of web development. Web development involves coding, debugging, API integration and so much more. Web development is the second step to website building. A web developer takes the work of a web designer and implements it on a website. 

A web developer can also be called a programmer. The main job of a web developer is to code a design into an actual website. Coding can be done with a variety of different languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, and so much more. The work of a web developer is to use these languages and different databases to make a website functional. 

A web developer takes the designs from a web designer and uses programming to build the design into existence. A web developer can be thought of as a constructor who takes the blueprints of a building from an architect (web designer) and brings the ideas of the web designer to life. 

The duties of a web developer include developing the website with the help of coding. They are also responsible for making a website more functional and fast. Configuring the server and databases in the backend is the role of a web developer. A web developer is also responsible for testing and debugging and providing support and maintenance for a website. 


Web development is a complex technology that is required to build a complete website. The work of a web developer can involve making the visuals more user friendly with the help of different technologies as well as server end development which makes sure that a website runs smoothly and efficiently. 

There are three main types of web developers.

  1. Frontend developer.
  2. Backend developer.
  3. Full-stack developer. 

Frontend Developer:

A frontend developer is someone who works on the client side of a website. Frontend developement requires knowledge of technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress also comes into the working of a frontend developer. To make the frontend of a website, a person needs to be creative as well as technical. The job of a frontend developer is not the same as that of a web designer as it is more technical and requires coding and website building. However, a frontend developer works in close proximity with a web designer and can often take notes from one as well. 

Backend Developer:

Backend development or server side development is the art of developing the website to make it functional. A backend developer is someone who uses complex coding to build a complete website. The work of a backend developer is more technical than creative and does not require much knowledge sharing with a web designer. However, a backend developer takes the design of a web designer and implements the appropriate code to display the design in the best possible manner. 

Languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Node, and databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, and more are the best friends of a backend developer. A backend developer works database management of a website and integrates it with the frontend of the website.

Full-Stack Developer:

A full stack developer is someone who works on both the frontend and backend of a website. Such a person can use a number of different technologies to develop a website or can also work with a stack of technologies such as MEAN stack or MERN stack. 

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A full stack developer is someone who has in depth knowledge of how each element works out and integrates together to create a complete website. Technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MongoDB are necessary for every full stack developer. Other than this, there are many more technologies that can be used by a full stack developer. 


The charges of a web designer and web developer vary greatly. Generally, a web developer would charge more because there is more technical work involved in such a job. Oftentimes, people end up paying more because they are not tech-savvy enough to understand what they are looking for. This is why, at Codesy Consulting we provide a detailed consultation session for our clients to help them understand what they need and provide just that and more.