AG Center




Tech, eCommerce 


Vue.js, UI library, Bootstrap.


Full Stack Development


AG Center is a company that provides lead tracker services to their clients. Lead tracker is a tool that helps clients to keep track of their past clients and keep tabs on their leads. It is an efficient method to track data and keep records in a neat and organized manner. 


AG Center hired us as a project lead and wanted us to work on the full stack development of their website. We were also hired to work on their lead generation tool which could help their clients increase sales and keep track of their lead generation methodologies in a record. 


At Codesy Consulting, we work on developing solutions for organizations to meet their requirements and their end goals while using the best practices. AG Center hired us as a project lead. For this project, we were responsible for building the website, frontend and the backend. 

Further, among our tasks was to work on the lead generation tools developed by AG Center. We were hired to perform a number of technical tasks and worked on each part by specifying definite goals for each task. 

The development of the lead generation tool was a crucial part of the project. It required extensive technical knowledge and dedication from the experts at Codesy Consulting. 

We did our research on the topic and selected the main technologies we will be using while keeping AG Center in loop. We then mapped out a plan on the implementation of each feature. 

For the frontend we use Vue.js to make the designs of the website come to life. With the help of material UI and various libraries we were able to create an interactive and easy to use website. 

For the backend of the project, we used Bootstrap and worked on making the website functional and easily accessible. 


With every project, we get the chance to work on something exciting and develop new technologies. For AG Center, we had the opportunity to develop a number of important features.

  • Developed state of the art tech solutions to work on the lead generation tools for the website. 
  • Made API integration process smooth and data sharing secure. 
  • Conducted company research to understand the aesthetic and develop plans accordingly. 


AG Center is a company that specializes in the field of providing smart lead tracking and generation tools. Working with such a company requires in-depth knowledge of how to manipulate different strategies to gain the required results. 

At Codesy Consulting, we worked on developing the generation tools for AG Center by following a strategic roadmap and shaping out all the requirements as per the client’s needs. 

We worked on integrating data security with our API systems. Further, the backend of the website required a necessary amount of logic building and developing ideas. 


AG Center is an easy to use and navigate website. We worked as a full stack developer for this project and worked on the logic building of their lead generation tool. 

The website of AG Center allows the user to easily make purchases of their lead tracker and also get a good idea on how it will help them grow their sales and increase market value. 

The website is simple and consists of all the basic requirements of a digital marketplace for the purchase of lead trackers. This website makes it easier to navigate through the products and help people make decisions based on their requirements. 


By the end of this project, we were able to develop and engineer a website for AG Center to help them achieve their goals. AG Center provides services to help clients reach their sales goals and at the same time keep track of their lead generation. Tracking helps clients understand how well their strategies are working. At Codesy Consulting, our team of experts worked on developing features that could make this work process smooth and free from errors. We developed and designed a unique website for AG Center for the promotion and digital presence of their services.