KF Grower








Frontend development


Duration: 3 to 4 months


Our clients at KF Grower focus on the agricultural management system. KF Grower is a website that is dedicated to providing solutions related to agricultural products. 


For this project, our team at Codesy Consulting was hired as frontend developers. Our goal was to engineer an attractive and easy to use frontend system for KF Grower. We were hired to work on developing and designing the frontend of KF Grower and engineering features specific to the industry.


KF Grower is a website that is focused on developing agricultural products. Our clients at KF Grower hired us to engineer the frontend of their website in a unique and intricate manner. In-depth research on the industry itself. Our main objective was to understand how similar organizations in the industry engineered their front end. This helped us go one step further in developing the front end of our website. Competitor analysis is a big part of any project. We want to make sure that the sites we develop don’t only compete with others in the same market, but also come out on top.

At Codesy Consulting, we worked on designing the frontend of the website by keeping the theme of the company in mind. To make sure, we had proper knowledge of everything, we conducted 

Once research on the topic was complete, we then moved on to developing rough sketches of how we envisioned the final product to look like.

Once these sketches were done, we began working on developing the first sets of mockups. 

Client feedback is crucial when it comes to how a website should look like. So, once the mockups were ready, we held meetings with our clients to discuss our work and agree upon a specific design for the front end of KF Grower.

Once the website design and layout were done, we began engineering the front end. To make the website, we developed a seamless API integration system to ensure data security. 

At Codesy Consulting, our team worked on engineering the front end while keeping all the best practices of the design in mind. 

We worked on developing visually appealing graphs and cases to help our clients showcase their results in a neat and organized manner.



KF Grower is a website dedicated to providing agricultural best practices. This website helped us work on several different aspects. Some of the key features that we worked on while working on this website include: 

  • Developed API integration for data security.
  • Designed graphs to showcase progress. 
  • Organized a neat navigation system. 



Working on every new project brings with it new challenges and opportunities. For KF Grower, our main goal was to figure out a way we can design and engineer the front end to make it stand out.

Our main focus was to create something unique. We worked on developing and designing the front end to fit the needs of our clients. 

Our team at Codesy Consulting engineered methods to make the website more interactive and fit the aesthetic of the industry. 

We worked on designing the front end of KF Grower by working on developing new techniques and implementing our ideas to the new website.

Making the website interactive is a big part of the front-end development of any website. To make sure our website could be easily used, we used Vue.js to develop and engineer the front end.  



KF Grower is a simple website. Using KF Grower is quite easy and efficient. At Codesy Consulting, we were hired to design and develop the front end of KF Grower with specific needs in mind. 

Our clients wanted us to design a website that could be navigated easily and at the same time had features that made it stand out.

We worked on creating graphs and data sheets for KF Grower. This was essential because it helped us make the website more compact and clean. 

Our team at Codesy Consulting worked on this project to provide a seamless design and help our clients make their digital presence without compromising on their aesthetic. 



By the end of this project, our team at Codesy Consulting was able to design and develop the front end of KF Grower quickly and effectively. We were hired to provide state-of-the-art designs and implement them on the website itself. 

Codesy Consulting provided KF Grower with an easy-to-navigate and interactive website to help them build their digital presence in a way that they wanted.