PGE Kids Campaign/ Puzzle Games




Tech, education




Front-end development. 


2 Months



Our clients at PGE kids campaign work in the area of providing fun and playful activities to help children grow and develop. Our clients focus on developing puzzles and games that serve a specific age group. The games vary with difficulty based on the age group. 


For the project of PGE Kids Campaign, Codesy Consulting was hired to perform frontend development on the website. Our job was to make the website easy to use while at the same time create an aura of fun to make the website more inviting. For this project, we worked on developing the frontend of the project with the help of JavaScipt. 


The development of every project requires a unique set of skills and features. For the development of the website PGE Kids Campaign, we were hired to design and engineer the frontend of the application. 

At Codesy Consulting, we begin every project with research and building a report of market analysis. We learn about the company, their needs and then engineer our way through every project. 

Once research on the topic was complete we worked on developing sketches and ideas of how the website should look like. The rough sketches helped us build an idea about the final product.  

We then moved on to making mockups with the rough sketches. With the aesthetics of PGE Kids Campaign in mind, we designed mockups to deliver to our clients to receive feedback and pointers.

Once the mockups were approved, we moved on to engineering the frontend of the website itself. To develop the frontend of the application, we used JavaScript and deployed key features to make the website stand out and have its unique set of features. 


PGE Kids Campaign is a special website. It was built to provide kids with a fun and interactive environment to learn and grow. Some of the key features that made this website stand out include: 

  • Deployed a strong UI design with easy to use features. 
  • Developed pop up puzzles to increase focus to the main features of the website. 


PGE Kids Campaign is a unique website. It allows kids of all ages to learn in a fun and interactive environment. Designing and developing the frontend of this website required a number of key features. 

To make the website user friendly for children, we worked on developing the frontend while keeping the user accessibility in mind. 

We had to develop the frontend in an easy and simpler manner so as to provide kids with the feature to learn and grow without any complications in the website itself. To develop the frontend of the application, we used JavaScript and utilized all the features of this technology to make our website strong, interactive and easy to navigate. 


The website, PGE Kids Campaign is easy and quite simple to use. The website is designed and developed in a straightforward manner to accommodate kids of all age groups. 

This website is easy to navigate and provides users with pop up puzzles as well. The pop up puzzles are a way to make it easier for children to get to their way around the website in a more simple way. 

This website was designed keeping the aesthetics and requirements of our clients at PGE Kids Campaign in mind. We worked on developing the website in a simple and unique way while keeping the essence of the company alive.


By the end of this project, we were able to develop and engineer the frontend of the PGE Kids Campaign according to the requirements and needs of our clients. 

Our team worked on engineering the frontend with powerful technologies that results in an easy to use and control website.