NFT and Tech


React and Material UI. 


Frontend development


Duration: 2 months




Our clients at Ultrareum provide for NFT digital marketing. At Ultrareum, you have the option to design and develop your NFT and sell them on the marketplace as well. On the other hand, if you like to collect NFTs you can do so on the website as well. 



Our clients came to us with a requirement to develop the frontend of the website, Ultrareum. Ultarium is a digital marketing website and every such website has specific requirements when it comes to engineering the frontend. Our job at Codesy Consulting was to design and develop the frontend of Ultrareum in such a way to make sure it could compete with other such markets on the web. Our team of technical experts worked on developing and strategizing different methods to develop the website and make it adhere to all the best practices of SEO management.  




Building the frontend of any website is complex. There are a number of prerequisites that every good developer has to go through before he or she can start working on a certain project. The first step of any development process is research. 

Our client’s company, Ultrareum, is based on NFT digital marketing. Now, this is an up and coming field meaning there is a lot of room for creative thinking and applying them analytically. Nonetheless, our team researched websites that sell similar services to understand what’s hot in the market and how we can take it one step further. 

Once research was done, we created a roadmap of all the steps we will have to follow to bring this application to life. The main technology we agreed upon with the consent of our clients was React. React is a powerful library in JavaScript and can be used to design and develop high level frontend features of a website. 

With the help of React, we were able to create a seamless UI for Ultrareum. Our team at Codesy Consulting was able to come up with IT solutions to build and integrate API systems for Ultrareum and provide them with a user friendly and interactive frontend model. 


Some of the features through which we were able to make this project stand out include:


  • Engineered a seamless frontend for Ultrareum. 
  • Used similar case studies to bring customized solutions in the digital marketing world. 
  • Made API integration smooth and easy. 


NFT technology is fairly new in the market and the digitization of such a digital market can throw a number of hurdles in the way. Our team at Codesy Consulting was able to tackle and overcome the limitations when it comes to the development of an NFT market. 

Our clients came to us with a plan and with the help of our developers, we were able to bring their plan to life. The basic design and sketches of the website were done and ready to be implemented. Our clients came to us seeking “React professionals” who could bring the still sketches to life. 

Integration with third party systems for data sharing and adding social media features were some of the key features while working on this website. As this is a digital marketing platform, it was also a necessary requirement to include a user’s wallet verification and integrate numerous blockchain wallets to the website. We were able to overcome these challenges with a commendable timeframe of just two months. 



Our clients came to us looking for a plan to develop and engineer the frontend of Ultrareum. Ultrareum is an NFT marketplace. It is a place where you can create, sell, and buy NFTs without any issue. The NFT market changes fast and one the key requirements of any such market is flexibility in design and development. 

Through our high end tech development team, we were able to design and develop the frontend of this website and provide digital solutions to make Ultrareum flexible. 

There are a number of things that go into the designing and development of the frontend of any website. One such is UI features. Our team took advantage of material UI to design the frontend in such a way that it was easier to navigate and use. 

Another key feature of frontend development is API integration. A digital market is complex and requires high end solutions to develop seamless API integration which we were able to do for Ultrareum. 



The final product developed by Codesy Consulting was delivered to Ultrareum within two months. Our team went through all the necessary QA testing to make sure that the final product was free from bugs and errors. The website was built with the close cooperation of our clients and we were able to deliver a product that was unique and customized for their market.