Willow Parenting






React Native


Mobile application



Willow Parenting is a mobile application that helps parents keep tabs on the online activities of their children. This application helps parents monitor and keep a close watch on the activities of the children. 


Our clients at Willow Parenting reached out to us to design and develop the mobile application of their brand. The experts at Codesy Consulting were hired to design and develop the UI of the mobile application that could help parents keep track of what their kids are upto when they are using mobile phones or engaged digitally. 


At Codesy Consulting, we believe in developing applications with clear purpose and need. For our clients at Willow Parenting, we were hired to design the frontend of the mobile application. 

The first step in developing the application was to spend some time researching the technology itself. We did data analysis and market research to understand the market with better clarity. 

Once the market research was done, we were able to design base sketches that were the result of the brainstorming sessions held for this project. From the base sketches, our team worked on developing the mockups for the application. 

Once the mockups were completed, we took our clients at Willow Parenting in the loop and worked on the mockups that were selected and discussed. 

Once the mockups were selected, we began our work on the technical part of the design. We engineered the frontend of the application with the help of technologies like React Native. 


Every application is unique in its own way. Some of the main features that helped this application stand out are listed below. 

  • Strategically applied research designs to develop a customized application. 
  • Used tools such as React Native to develop a powerful application. 


To design an application is not easy. There are a number of various factors that you have to consider and keep in mind before designing the application. At Codesy Consulting, we understand the importance of designing while keeping the project requirements on focus. 

Our team worked on developing the application of Willow Parenting while keeping the needs of a parent in mind. We had to design and implement the application in such a way that anyone could use it comfortably without going through different hassles. 

At Codesy Consulting, we built the mobile application to suit the needs of the client’s target audience in mind. We developed the application while keeping the UI easy to use and functional. 

With the help of our experts in the tech department, we were able to complete this project while not only meeting the requirements of the clients but also customizing it completely with our skills. 


The usage and functionality of the application for our clients at Willow Parenting is easy and simple to use. 

Our target audience for this application were parents. So, we wanted to make sure that we designed and developed the application keeping the needs of the people in mind. 

The application is easy to navigate and built keeping accessibility in mind. Our team developed the application while keeping the needs of the users in focus. 


By the end of this project, our team was able to develop an application that could be used by people of all ages. Our team worked on the frontend of the website and developed high end tech solutions to help our clients at Willow Parenting make their website more accessible and easy to use.