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Microsoft has been hard at work while developing AI chatbots and assistants. Just yesterday, Microsoft announced its AI assistant for office apps, copilot. 

AI chatbots and technology have been the talk of the town this week. From ChatGPT-4 to Claude’s release and so much more, a lot is going on in the AI world right now. Since the release of ChatGPT, Microsoft has drastically improved its AI game and it keeps getting better and better. Bing is an excellent example of Microsoft’s work in AI. 

Just a few days ago, Google announced that it is releasing its own set of AI tools for its apps, such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and more. It was already expected that Microsoft is working on its own set of AI features for office apps, but the wait is finally over. With the announcement of Copilot, Microsoft has confirmed the work they have been doing on improving how we use office apps today. 

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Now, they have come up with their latest AI assistant, Copilot. Copilot is an AI chatbot changing the game of how you use Microsoft’s office apps. Copilot has the power to drastically improve your experience on the office apps that you have been using for years. Apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more are now becoming powered by AI. For example, you put in a bunch of data about a meeting in a Word document, and with the help of Copilot, you can get it summarized within seconds and extrapolate the necessary data you need. 

According to the reports, Copilot will appear on the sidebar of your office apps. It works as a responsible AI chatbot. For example, if you open up a word document, type in a complete blog, select the text, and then pass it through the AI chatbot, Copilot will be able to provide 10 different suggestions on how you can type the text and paraphrase it. The possibilities and unique features of Copilot are what make it so exciting. Here’s all that we know about Copilot. 


Copilot Also Acts as a Teacher:

One of the biggest plus points of Copilot and the features that sets it apart from being just a ChatGPT knockoff version for office apps is the fact that it works as a teacher. Copilot can help you learn and understand different components of the data you provide it. 

Take the example of Excel, for instance. Imagine if you open a document in Excel and want to understand a particular row or column. You can ask Copilot to help you understand and make sense of the content, and it will be able to do so pretty easily. Copilot can help create graphs, tables, and so much more. Similarly, imagine you are working on PowerPoint and do not like the color of a specific column, you can ask Copilot to change it, and it will do it as well. 

Another feature that you will get with Copilot is called ‘show me’. With the help of Show me, Copilot will give access to how it performed a certain task and came to a conclusion for anything you input. 


Copilot is Still in the Building Stage: 

An important point to note with Copilot is that it is still in the building stage. At the time of the release of ChatGPT, Microsoft made a brash decision to release Bing as soon as they could. This caused a lot of problems and controversies in the AI chatbot. But Microsoft has learned from its mistakes and is cautious about the expected release date of Copilot. As stated by Jon Friedman, corporate vice president of design and research at Microsoft, Copilot is expected to be released to a bunch of testers at the current moment. There is no set date as to when we can expect to use it on our office apps as well. 

Microsoft’s AI assistant for office apps, Copilot has several exciting features, and we can’t wait to use them. What’s your take on the latest news from Microsoft? Leave a comment below,


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