How to Spot AI-Generated Images

How to Spot AI-Generated Images

The world is going through a massive AI revolution right now. From text to video, everything is being transformed and rewritten with the help of AI. In this new age of technology, how to spot AI-generated images? 

You have probably heard of AI-generated images by now. We all know that Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool. It can help improve the working of an individual no matter what field you are in. Take ChatGPT for example, it is an exceptional tool that can help you generate text on a wide range of topics. 

However generative text is not the only thing that AI can do. Artificial Intelligence is a pretty powerful tool that goes beyond just generating texts. With the help of AI, you can generate images, makes videos and so much more. With the development of AI, you can expect more and more fields to become dependent on this technology in the future as well. 

AI-generated images are still a fresh concept but one that is slowly but surely taking over. AI-generated images have become quite popular recently because of the many applications that are attached to this technology. Many tools are slowly gaining popularity for generating AI-based images. 

From Midjournery to Adobe, all big companies are utilizing the power of artificial intelligence to power up their products. 

AI-generated images might sound like an exciting concept but if in the wrong hands, it can also be quite concerning. With the help of AI-generated images, people can do a variety of harmful things. From spreading fake news to generating AI-based images of realistic people, there are many ways AI can be manipulated. 


Generative Fill In Adobe:

When it comes to generative images and technology, you can expect companies such as Adobe to introduce different ways to make AI generation simplified and even better than before. 

This is exactly what Adobe is doing right now! Adobe is not only introducing AI generative imaging tools for its users but they are going one step further by providing simplified ways to make AI generation a unique experience on its own.

Recently announced by the tech company, now you use their new feature called “generative fill” to create or generate images with ease. The process is quite simple.

To make an object become a part of your image or alter parts of your photo all you need to do is follow a few basic steps. First, select the area where you want to make changes. Once selected, a tab will let you put in details of what you want to see at that particular place. Once you have entered what you want to add to your image press enter and let Photoshop generate the object or scene you are looking for. 

Adobe has long been one of the leading companies when it comes to image manipulation and changes. With the world turning towards AI, Adobe has made sure to keep its applications relevant by introducing similar AI features and specifications. Adobe Firefly is another great example of what the company has been doing in the field of artificial intelligence.


How to Spot AI-Generated Images:

In a world that is going to become heavily dependent on AI-generated images in the future, how do you identify real images from fake ones? 

In this article, we will cover a few ways how you can identify and spot AI-generated images easily. 

  • Check for On-Ground Reports:

One of the reasons why AI-generated images are becoming so popular nowadays is because they help scammers make images that are clickbait worthy. Such images include incidents that you might not have heard of before. 

The best way to know whether such images are real or not is to check for on-ground reports or visit trusted websites of news channels whether local or international depending on the news. This makes it easier to identify whether certain news is fake or real and thus can help you identify an AI-generated image.

  • Use Reverse Image Tools:

Another method of identifying images and checking for their credibility is to put them through reverse image tools or applications. Google Lens is a popular reverse image tool that you can use to check whether a certain image is real or fake. 

If you come across an image that you feel is fake, you can simply paste it through Google Lens to either look for relevant information on the topic or find authentic sources for confirmation. 

  • Analyze the Surroundings:

AI-generated images are no doubt made with extremely powerful tools that can deceive anyone. However, the images generated by artificial intelligence do have their tell. One of the best ways to identify whether an image is AI-generated or not is to analyze the surroundings. 

The data provided to an AI tool is limited and thus the tool only has a limited knowledge of what the actual image or its surroundings should look like. Thus, you can identify a fake image from a real one if you pay close attention to the surroundings of an image.


AI-generated imagery is becoming popular day by day and with the advancements of AI, you can expect this technology to get better and provide more believable results. AI-generated images are therefore going to get harder to identify in the future. But for now, you can use the above-mentioned precautions to stay safe from fake news and false information.

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