MEAN Vs. MERN Stack – Choosing the Correct Stack

Mean vs. Mern stack, here’s a term you must have heard more than once if you are into development.

‘Stack’ is a common word that goes hand in hand with Mean and Mern development.. When it comes to web development, the importance of stack development can not be ignored. Stack development refers to the assembly of all the technologies that make up a website. Stack development comprises both frontend and backend technologies. It provides users with a complete ‘stack’ to design and develop their vision into reality. 

Stack development is a hot topic in today’s industry. Most people prefer to hire full-stack developers to complete a project from start to end because it helps create a balance between the design and implementation of a website. 

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Full-stack development is further divided into two main frameworks. These frameworks are the MERN stack and MEAN stack. Mean vs. Mern stack can help you better understand which technology you should focus on and what will better fit your expertise. 

Before you can decide which is better for you, it is imperative to differentiate between the two and understand which features might be more suitable for your industry. Mean vs. Mern stack development can be put head to head against each other for a number of reasons. The important thing to note, however, is that these stack technologies have one major difference between them. So, Mean vs Mern stack, which one are you choosing? have a look below to understand which one suits your style best.


MEAN stack is made up of four JavaScript-based technologies. The term MEAN is an abbreviation of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. The MEAN stack is a complete digital solution to develop and build a website. 


MongoDB:  It works as a database and stores backend data.

ExpressJS: It is a NodeJS framework and works on the backend side.

AngularJS: It is a frontend or client-side framework.

NodeJS: It is a JavaScript framework that is used to implement backend applications.

One of the things that make MEAN stack such a beneficial option is the fact that all the technologies used here are connected to JavaScript. So, you do not need to learn something new every time you need to learn a technology in the MEAN stack. 

MEAN stack developers always stay in high demand. The reason is that you can develop and build fast and high-performance digital solutions with the help of the MEAN stack. 

MEAN stack comes with various libraries and features that make development smooth and easy. There is a huge community of MEAN stack developers which is why it is the perfect technology to use if you want to build complex and high-end applications and websites.

Companies such as YouTube, Forbes, and Shutterstock have been developed with the help of MEAN.


The main thing to remember about MEAN stack is that it assists you in making seamless web applications with the help of JavaScript and also supports JSON files. 


When working with MEAN stack, the first thing you will be working on is AngularJS. The reason why is that AngularJS deals with the frontend development of your software product. 

AngularJS allows you to play with your HTML tags and create and develop the front end of your application. It helps build interactive and high-end web applications.

ExpressJS and NodeJs:

ExpressJS and NodeJs, both collectively work on the backend or server side of your web applications. ExpressJS itself runs on the NodeJS server and is used to build and develop the backend features of your digital product. 


MongoDB is a database and thus provides safe and secure data handling and processing. JSON data files can be stored efficiently with the help of MongoDB for a MEAN stack project. 


MERN stack is an alternative to the MEAN stack and provides almost the same technologies. MERN stack consists of MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS. MERN stack is free and open source and provides amazing features to develop web applications. 

MongoDB: MongoDB is the database used to store data in a MERN stack.

ExpressJS: In the MERN stack, ExpressJS serves as the backend development or server-side technology. 

ReactJS: React is the main difference between MEAN and MERN and serves as the frontend or client-side technology.

NodeJS: NodeJS is the environment in which ExpressJS works and thus also provides backend support for your digital product. 

MERN stack uses multiple frameworks to develop and design web applications. MERN stack in itself is a variation of the MEAN stack and has gained fame among developers for many reasons.  

After the MEAN stack, many other variations were launched in the market. One such variant is MERN. Other than MERN, another stack that is slowly gaining popularity is MEVN which consists of technologies MongoDB, ExpressJS, VueJS, and NodeJS.

MERN stack consists of all open-source components and can be used to build and develop fast and reliable web applications. 

MERN stack is also made completely with the help of JavaScript technologies which is why it is easy to use and if you have already used MEAN before, then making a switch to MERN is quite easy. 

There are many similarities between the MEAN and MERN stacks. The only main difference between the two is the use of front-end technologies. MEAN relies on AngularJS and MERN works on ReactJS.

Companies such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Netflix are made with the help of the MERN stack. 


MERN stack is a simple three-tier structure that consists of frontend, backend and database. MERN stack is simply the combination of JavaScript technologies and JSON database. 


The first and top-tier technology in a MERN structure is ReactJS. ReactJS is a frontend or client-side development tool that is needed to build high-end and responsive web applications. 

ReactJS is the main difference between MEAN and MERN stack development. It is useful in creating dynamic and data-driven interfaces and connects them to the backend of your web application as rendered HTML code. 

ExpressJS and NodeJS:

The next crucial part of your MERN stack is ExpressJS and NodeJS. These technologies are used in the same fashion as they are used in the MEAN stack. 

The main function of ExpressJS and NodeJS is to provide backend features to your application to help it run smoothly and efficiently. ExpressJS is encapsulated inside NodeJS and provides backend or server support. 


The last and bottom tier technology is a MERN stack MongoDB. MongoDB is a database and is used to provide a safe storage option for the data of your web application. 

Any of the documents that you create in your ReactJS technology can be sent to the server side or the ExpressJS. If your documents are correctly organized, they will be stored directly in the MongoDB from ExpressJS.


Choosing between MEAN and MERN stack is important and of the things that you will have to decide whether you are learning web development or want to develop your web or mobile applications. 

As mentioned previously, the main difference between MEAN and MERN stack is that of their frontend technology. MEAN stack is made with the help of AngularJS and MERN stack with ReactJS. 

Further talking about the difference between the two, MEAN falls under the category of JavaScript framework whereas MERN falls under Open Source JavaScript library. With the help of MEAN, you can not support and build mobile applications. Whereas, MERN can be used to build mobile applications. 

Both MEAN and MERN provide high-end security. When it comes to scalability, MERN is a lot better. MERN provides better UI features that are advanced and simple to use. However, with the help of MEAN, you get a lot more libraries making it a more diverse option. 

An important point to note is that MERN is amazing if you want to build smaller and fast applications. However, if you are building a large-scale web application, then MEAN is your best friend. 

When it comes to popularity many developers have started to switch from MERN TO MEAN. ReactJS is a famous tool among developers which is what makes MERN such an attractive tech stack for the development of web applications. MEAN vs. MERN stack is a fight of the old ages.  Choosing a stack becomes crucial when you want to take a step further in your career. Have you decided on yours? Let us know in the comments!


Building a website requires several key features that need to be considered. If you are not tech-savvy, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the technologies that can be used to build your website. 

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