Risks of AI-Generated Images and Google’s Image Search Tool

Risks of AI-Generated Images and Google’s Image Search TOOL

AI has been quite the game changer in the market recently. With the introduction of new artificial intelligence tools in the market, this article covers the risks of AI-generated images and Google’s latest announcement on image search tools to identify whether a particular image has been generated with the help of AI. 

Artificial Intelligence has been making headlines almost daily. From AI assistants such as ChatGPT to generating image tools such as Midjourney. 

The buzz and hype around AI have taken the world by storm. So much so that every big tech company, be it Google, Microsoft, or more has started releasing its own set of AI products. 

With the release of AI products in the market, you can also expect those products to have harmful consequences. These consequences are not limited to just losing your job because of AI chatbots. But even your identity and security can be at risk if AI goes out of hand.

Generative imaging has come out to be one of the many big pieces of news for the past few months regarding AI technology.

Artificial Intelligence tools can now help you design completely new figures and create images and videos that are false but appear to be true.

Although, this might not seem like a huge problem at first. But, when you dig deep into the many applications of this new technology, it becomes pretty obvious that AI-generated images can be a huge threat to security. 

Google’s New Image Search Tool:

In recent news, Google has announced a new image search tool that can help you identify if a particular image that you are looking at is fake or AI-generated. 

This provides complete reserve engineering to help people identify pictures and classify them as AI-generated. In a world where everything is becoming increasingly deceptive with the help of AI, you can now use Google’s new tool to make sure the image you are seeing is real.

The interface of this new tool will give a prompt of “About this image”. Similar to the “about this” option that appears on links. This feature will however work on images and help you evaluate fakes from real..

Some of the things you will be able to do with this feature are understood where a particular picture was first indexed by Google and when and where that picture appeared on the web for the first time. Lastly, you will also be able to tell which sites a particular image is present on. 


Risks of AI-Generated Images:

One of the many reasons why it became so crucial for Google to introduce a tool that can help you detect AI-generated images from real ones is because of the risks that come along with it. 

AI-generated imaging can cause serious cybersecurity risks and threats all over the world. 

Some of these threats are discussed below in detail. 

  • Scams:

One of the major consequences of AI-generated images is the increase in the number of scams online. 

AI can be used to generate realistic images that can then be used by scammers in a variety of ways to take advantage of people online. 

Whole personalities and personas can be created with the help of an AI tool that can then be used to scam people of money and other valuables. 

Scammers can also use AI-generated images to create profiles online that can then be used on social media platforms and used to take advantage of people and engage in possible cyberbullying cases. 

  • Spread Fake News and Misinformation:

Fake news and misinformation have been on the rise since AI-generated images have become popular in the market. With tools such as Midjourney, you can create realistic images of events that never took place and use them to scam people in several different ways. 

Now, you can generate entire videos that do not exist in real life. There are many beneficial use cases for this. However, many people have started using fake images and videos to spread misinformation. 

Images containing events that never took place, videos of people dying and so much more are becoming common with the help of these AI tools.

  • Advertisement Fraud:

Another way AI-generated images are being used is to promote advertisements that are of fake images. Many scammers have started using AI tools to make images that appear to be promoting certain products and even show celebrities using those products. 

These images are hyperrealistic which makes it easy for people to get scammed. These ads are being run around websites and blogs to generate traffic and sell fraudulent products. 


AI-generated imaging is becoming popular day by day. Whether it is a designer using AI images to improve his work or general people using this tool for fun and entertainment. There are many ways you can use a certain technology. While AI-generated images have many benefits and points, there are quite a few risks of AI-generated images that you should be aware of.