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How to find an App Developer for your Startup? Guide for business owners 

how to find an app developer

Have you ever driven a revolutionizing idea about creating an application and hunting for a suitable app developer for your project? It’s tricky to track down an app developer who shares your zeal and ambition while building a firm.

As a startup or small business owner, it’s crucial to maximize your expenses because the economy is in challenging phases, and investors are becoming more selective about their investments. However, you must scale and grow quickly. This is why the right kind of investment is so important when it comes to selecting the best app developer for your startup

Whether you are launching a new business or intend on digitizing your current one, you need to find an app developer who can collaborate with you to achieve your goals. In this article, we have curated step-by-step guidance on how to find app developers for startup and ideally compatible models according to your project requirements. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Identify the Needs for the Project

Give things considerable thought before launching an aggressive search.

To begin with, how do you see your next product? Consider every platform, i.e., iOS, Android, or cross-platform that will be used, the features you are interested in having executed, and the user interface you have in mind. Now, strive to be concise and straightforward when penning it down.

Step 2: Dig Down in Your Research

At first, you need to be clear on the type of app you want to make, regardless of whether you want to hire developers or build it yourself. Building the app is not as crucial as selecting the right kind of application after conducting in-depth market research.The software development life cycle may get increasingly complicated as it proceeds in light of this clarification.

Secondly, you should be well-versed in the principles of app development before deciding where to look for and recruit developers. It will assist you in determining the specific kind of expert you will require for your next project and, as a result, provide you with the background information required to run productive meetings and interviews.

Step 3: Plan Your Budget

Establishing your budget is one of the tasks one can stress about while still neglecting it . It’s essential to be reasonable and truthful when estimating the amount you can afford to spend on app creation, especially on upkeep and updates.

The core competency of mobile app development businesses is negotiating the cost of hiring an app developer from multiple hiring platforms. You’ll need to decide on your budget depending on whether you’re looking for an iOS developer or an Android app developer.

After learning how to hire an app developer, determine the app development budget based on expertise and skill level. Estimating your budget is crucial since it helps you determine how much to spend on developing your app and what further work will be required to support its expansion.

Step 4: Examine the Rivals

Before hiring a developer, do your homework if you’re thinking about developing an app for your startup. Only some developers will have built apps specifically for your sector. You can provide some suggestions that an app developer could find simple to use if you look at what other people have to offer.

Apps have a wide variety of user interfaces, designs, and experiences. Make a note of the features you like and dislike when examining the apps that the competitors are offering on the app store. When the app development team asks you about your vision for the general appearance and features of the app, these suggestions will come in helpful.

Step 5: Decide the Resource Platform of App Developer

To find a development team or a mobile app developer for your project, there are majorly three model selections available:

  • Freelancer
  • Outsourcing Developer
  • In-house App Developer

Let’s explore each in more detail!

1. Freelancer

One more way to discover app developers is to seek freelancers. These days, more people are using this technique. The advent of freelance services such as Upwork has made it possible for any business owner to employ a professional online.

The formal nature of the setup, which spares the owner from paying for social security, vacation time, and other perks, is a significant perk of this choice. Being inexpensive, however, can also be a drawback because a lot of available freelance app developers are less suitable or not entirely commendable for significant projects.

2. Outsourcing Application Developer 

Outsourcing app developers is the most favorable recruiting alternatives one can opt for. You recruit app developers who work for you just on a contract. You save the costs associated with hiring and firing employees, and it’s still less expensive than bringing in a staff of your own.

Additionally, employing developers through outsourcing is fully flexible and scalable, allowing you to adjust the team size to precisely match the demands of the project and ultimately save resources.

It’s the most effective remedy for Startups that have a certain amount of budgeting, owners of established businesses who need help with a new project they have a concept for.

3. In-House App Developers

The most popular choice is to bring an app developer to your present team. If the team is already in place, the labor shortages can be filled by holding interviews, selecting the most qualified candidates, and integrating them with their coworkers.

Hiring internally is expensive since you have to pay for medical insurance and taxes, provide a workspace and lodging, invest time and resources in the hiring and onboarding process. All that your local government mandates, that is.

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Step 6: Scrutinize the Platforms for Hiring App Developers

It’s time to get your quest started now. Fortunately, there’s no need to beat around the bush and find app developers just through any references or locally. You can utilize a variety of web resources to search for the ideal app development team for your particular project. Be sure to surf through each of them:

Web Platforms: 

You may easily find reviews, portfolios, and ratings of app development companies and agencies by using multiple online resources like Upwork, which are handy web organizers.


Never undermine the influence of networking. Seek guidance from your network for reputable developers; referrals can be quite helpful.

Portfolio Analysis: 

It takes patience and a rigorous approach to identify the right team. Thus, examine the teams’ experience and knowledge in a portfolio of prior situations, taking your time.

Step 7: Evaluate Capabilities and Availability

After you’ve narrowed down your preferences, it’s essential to carefully examine the selected app developer’s communication, problem-solving, and technological abilities. Make sure you follow these procedures to ensure that you are making an informed decision:

  • Conduct interviews: allocate time to speak face-to-face with prospective candidates.
  • Talk about their development methodology: Observe how developers approach their work, interact with one another, and ascertain the demands of the business.
  • Test Work Morality: Verify compatibility by focusing on the candidate’s work ethic with targeted questions.

Step 8: Organizing the Time for Development 

The length of time you spend developing your app affects how well it works on mobile devices. Businesses wish to benefit from being first to market.

Unquestionably, billions of people use apps worldwide. After you are donefinalizing your app developer, try to quickly build an app that launches in compliance with the app market’s specifications.

Consequently, while recruiting mobile app developers, many companies look for team members who are strong and flexible. The most important factors to look for and expect from your developer or developers team are; 

  • The mockup and design of an application typically take two to three weeks.
  • Any app takes about 5-7 weeks to develop and test.
  • It takes 1-2 weeks for deployment.

Step 9: Carefully State Your Objectives

Congratulations! This is where the development begins. Your task is practically done, and you can concentrate on business development if you hire an app development company that takes care of the management and communication operations.

Nonetheless, a few minor actions are essential for a successful process of developing new products:

Set clear expectations, communicate your needs to the team, establish communication channels, state your goals and objectives, and ensure that everyone is in agreement.

Transfer all of your documents and expertise. After you employ app developers for your project, these are a few easy but mandatory actions you should follow.

Step 10: Create a Post-development Process Plan

The phase of the product development lifecycle where the development team updates and maintains your project is called the post-development process. This stage typically includes bug patches, updates, new features, or fresh revisions of the current features.

In addition to making sure that bugs are fixed, the maintenance phase is essential. These days, companies must constantly improve their products and keep one step ahead of the competition. Thus, to get optimal app performance, a committed team should do routine monitoring and use an iterative process to tackle new problems and meet evolving requirements.

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Step 11: Sign the Agreement and Ensure Everything

Once you’ve decided which team to recruit, ensure the required paperwork is completed. Two primary deliverables are included in the paperwork: NDA and a contract. Make sure that, when you sign those, it states:

  • The extent of the task
  • Schedules
  • Terms of payment
  • Rights to intellectual property
  • Type of partnership: time and material, devoted team, or set price

Challenges and Solutions During App Developers Hiring Process

Hiring app developers for your company may present certain problems, but these may be easily addressed with the correct strategy and direction. The top developers can learn how to overcome these six major obstacles.

Lack of Ability

Because the IT industry is becoming more competitive, there is a greater need than ever for qualified app developers.

One possible solution is to broaden your search across many job platforms. Investigate a variety of talent sources, such as online job markets, coding communities, and international employment markets. Check out other packages for app development that are based on an hourly, monthly, or annual basis as well.

Technical Assessment Scenario

Assessing technical skills is essential to hiring top app developers. If you’re not a tech person, this could be a difficult portion of the hiring process. 

A good solution to this is to interview applicants with technical specialists during the employment procedure. To evaluate developers, ask for code tests, assignments, or portfolios. To measure their practical skills, you can also employ technical assessments or choose to have them work on a trial project.

Market Competition

It can be challenging to find and keep the best app developers in the ever expanding business sector, particularly for startups and small businesses.

With this, the best profound solution is to highlight your particular selling propositions, which may include innovative business concepts, chances for professional advancement, cutting-edge technological initiatives, flexible work hours, or a dynamic workplace culture. Offer incentives such as competitive pay, perks, and chances for career advancement.

Expense Factors

It can be expensive to hire skilled app developers for your app building project. It’s challenging for startups or entrepreneurs to hire the best developers on a set budget.

The best way to recruit freelance app developers is to search for websites that provide freelancing jobs. For a development solution that is more affordable, working with app development agencies like Codesy Consulting or hiring remote workers may be the ideal choice.


App development is essential to maintaining the core of your business. The plus side is that you don’t have to start from scratch when you select an app developer, tell them what you need, and then wait for them to create the final result.

Using the aforementioned tips will help you discover how to find an app developer who will help your business grow because you’ll be working on a budget, so getting it correctly the first time is essential.

The previously provided guidance should assist you in identifying app developers who will foster business growth. Since you’ll be operating on a budget, getting it done correctly from the start is vital.

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